Property management

Property management in long-term rentals

Whether you own a property or have a larger portfolio, we will manage your property with the utmost professionalism and integrity. As long as your property is rented out, you will lose money. We consider your property a priority and we reduce as much as possible the periods when your property is vacant, later managing the relations with the tenants, the payment of utilities, etc.… be paid rent or bills on time. Our administrator will check the building periodically for any damage, damage to plumbing, heating, electricity or non-payment. This reduces the risk of generating arrears or penalties.

Hotel property management

Did you intend to get a maximum income by renting your hotel property? Our motto is to offer quality services so that the collaboration with our customers is as long-term as possible. For this, we already have a team formed in the segment of renting properties in a hotel regime. We provide all the services necessary for running a hotel business such as: promoting rental spaces, booking management, check-in and check-out, rent collection, professional cleaning service, payment of bills and utilities, proper reporting of money transfers in the country or abroad, etc…
What is the area of ​​activity? We are currently working in Brașov and the surrounding localities, but in the future we plan to expand.

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