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The most common reasons to renovate a home are: moving to a new building and redeveloping it according to the needs and tastes of the new owners; to increase its value before selling or renting it; because over time the needs of the family have changed; to avoid the costs of a possible move; to increase the comfort and functionality of the home, etc …
However, the difficulty of such a project cannot be overlooked. The works can have a higher degree of complexity, their duration can reach up to a few months, and the costs always depend on many variables but they are certainly significant. Whatever your reason for deciding to renovate a building, you need to know what such a project entails (the value of the property to estimate a realistic budget for renovation, the structure of the walls, deficiencies of electrical installations, defects of thermal installations ).

Usually, the budget required for an apartment renovation will be less than that for a house, but the costs also depend on the complexity of the works and the quality of the materials.

Will you take care of the work yourself (maybe with the help of your family or friends) or will you hire a team of craftsmen?

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and the final decision depends a lot on the complexity of the works, your budget, your skills as a builder or your availability.

We know very well that most companies do not keep their promises, so we want to offer an impeccable service that you can enjoy at the right prices. From now on you can rely on our construction team whether you want to renovate a building or build one from scratch.

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