I’m an owner – I sell

If you are the owner and you want a quick sale with the best price, then our agency can be with you throughout the sale process of your property giving you free advice, free evaluation of your property, extensive promotion of your offer, views of quality, support in the notarial process of sale, etc …

Benefits of the owners

The real estate agent is your personal representative and must undertake by contract to represent your interests as well as possible throughout the entire process of appraisal, promotion and sale of the property.

Professional consulting.

The real estate agency must assume by contract the obligation to provide you with: work, time, logistics, costs of promoting the property and, especially, the experience and knowledge gained over time in the field of real estate transactions. Investments in logistics, in the training of specialists, in communication channels, in databases and in promotion, are the business card of any real estate agency.


The experience and position of a real estate agency allow it to highlight all the pros and cons of all the important decisions that the seller has to make during the process of selling the property. The real estate agency can even communicate things that a landlord does not want to hear (arguments against). As a personal specialist, the real estate consultant can help the owner in making rational decisions (based on information) and not hasty decisions, based only on emotion.

Comfort, safety, risk-free.

These days, it’s almost impossible to sell a house or apartment on your own without taking any risks without spending significant time and money. A professional real estate agency can cover all these risks and expenses.

Time is of the essence.

Those who do not turn to a real estate specialist should expect to spend tens of hours to sell their property without too many risks. If you take into account the time that is worth allocating to family, work, hobbies, and other duties — is it still worth spending so much time on the process of selling a property?

Property promotion.

The property must be promoted according to a Promotion Plan designed based on careful analysis. This promotion plan must be followed and adapted according to the market response. Let’s not forget that a real estate agency can make a property known to the clients from its own databases as well as in other collaborating real estate agencies.


A professional real estate agency provides clients with reports on: – implementation of the property promotion plan – meetings with potential buyers and what they said about the property presented – price offers made by them – names of people to whom they proposed the property – evolution prices of similar properties in the area, etc…

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