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  • Mar 02 2022

    Things you need to know about solar panels

    Unfortunately, if we look around we can count the photovoltaic panels we see. Concern for the installation and use of photovoltaic panels has grown. In Romania, the popularity of photovoltaic panels has increased due to the fact that, in recent years, several incentive campaigns have been carried out in these investments for an independence from…

  • Feb 25 2022

    Romania real estate market 2022. How much will housing prices increase in Romania?

    Will home purchase prices fall further? According to financial analysts, this day is far away. 2021 is the year in which some of the biggest players on the real estate market had to adapt to the demand, outlined against the background of the pandemic. The real estate industry is uneven, some segments have gained ground…

  • Feb 04 2022

    What are the benefits of hiring a property management company?

    Romanians are the leaders in Europe in the number of homeowners per capita, so to speak, in Romania there are many homeowners who have purchased homes for their own use or to ensure additional passive income by renting it. Most landlords who use these services are those who do not live near the properties for…

  • Oct 19 2021

    What to look for when looking for a home?

    The decision to buy an apartment or a house must be made with patience and wisdom. No matter how excited you are to move into your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. These include creating a list of selection criteria. The first important step in compiling such a list is to…

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