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Selling / renting a property can sometimes be a painstaking process and even more difficult than you might think. Perhaps the first thought is to complete this real estate transaction on your own (without the help of a professional) to avoid some commissions. Looking better, the help of a real estate broker is no longer a fad but a necessity and a better way to sell fast. You end up saving time and money because the agent has accurate information about the entire real estate market. It will evaluate the property correctly (you will get rid of the fear of making mistakes or being deceived), will make precise recommendations, will save you from negotiations and will make it easier for you to obtain the necessary documents for the transaction through collaborations with professionals from different sectors.

Before making a view, it is good to offer an analysis and advice to the tenant in order to optimize his needs and to avoid unnecessary trips for both the seller and him.
One of the most important criteria for a tenant is the price followed by the quality of the property, area and comfort. The correct price is determined depending on the city, area, type of building, quality of construction, year of construction, floor, comfort, its annexes, etc …
A very important aspect when deciding to sell or rent a property is to monitor similar properties in the same area. These can positively or negatively influence your sale / rental price.
Interacting on your own with potential customers requires a lot of patience, availability, effort and time. You will need to be available at any time of the day, answer dozens of phone calls while trying to perform your daily tasks.
Nowadays, transactions are made by transferring the money directly to the bank account, but still the existing documentation must be analyzed, in most cases it is necessary to obtain documents and notices that are missing, which eventually materialize in endless nerves and tails.

Negotiation is an extremely important purchasing factor that not everyone can control.

Real estate consultants are trained through personalized courses to deal with the pressures created by the unfavorable situations of the seller (emotional blackmail from the buyer) and vice versa.
Most of the time a seller asks for more than he thinks he will get and the buyer offers less than he is willing to pay. The key to success is knowing how to make a connection between them and being able to bring both clients to the negotiating table.
The real estate broker thus significantly increases the chances of success of a transaction through various verbal or non-verbal communication techniques and knows very well how to motivate a person.

There are several types of collaboration agreements. Exclusively (an agent deals with the sale / rental of a property for a certain period of time, contractually committing himself to carry out real estate promotion campaigns to identify a future buyer and mediating the transaction in favor of the seller in order to obtain an optimal price) and non-exclusive (a common form that allows collaboration with several agencies that will deal with the promotion of housing at the same time; finally, the agent who concludes the transaction also receives the commission).
Both options are good, depending on each situation, some may benefit the seller and others more the buyer. The correct commission is the one negotiated by mutual agreement between the client and the agent depending on the involvement of the professional and the results obtained in his favor.
As a general conclusion, if you want to sell / rent a property at an optimal price, in the shortest time and without effort or risk, our advice is to use the services of a professional real estate agency.

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