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Pre-contract Notary Fees

When you want to sign a pre-contract regarding the purchase of a real estate, you must also take into account the notary fees due on this occasion. These are calculated according to the value of the advance, as a percentage of 1% of it (plus VAT), but not less than 150 lei plus VAT. It should also be mentioned that the value of the fee paid for the pledge, regardless of the amount, is not deducted from the total fee from the sale.


Notary fees

Do all notaries charge the same prices?

Notary fees are not the same for all notaries, they differ from one notary to another. For the same act you can pay more at one notary than another. In some cases the differences between notaries’ fees are small, but in many cases they can be quite large.

For example, for a power of attorney, the differences can be only a few tens of lei, but for the sale of a property the differences can exceed thousands of lei. You can find the lowest price at the notaries who charge the legal minimum rate on the notary grid. Some notaries charge a minimum fee on the grid, others do not.

The notarial grid represents the minimum guaranteed tariff, for any notarial service. Notaries are not allowed to charge less than this grid, but they can charge as much as they can. The grid sets only the legal minimum rates, the maximum rates can be as high as the notary considers.


Who chooses the notary

The seller or the buyer?
The choice of the notary’s office where the documents are made, always belongs to the one who pays the fee, ie to the buyer.
The buyer always chooses the notary, because the notary fees are his responsibility.


Expensive notary

Can I be forced to go to a more expensive notary?
The buyer has the legal right to choose to pay the minimum rate on the grid and cannot be forced to pay more. The buyer decides at which notary the documents are made because the notary fees are in his charge. According to the legal provisions, the seller or the bank cannot oblige the buyer to which notary to go to.


Minimum fees

How do I choose a notary with minimum fees?

When we talk about minimum taxes we generally talk about sales, where the price differences can be hundreds or thousands of lei. Notaries with minimum fees charge notarial fees in force, identical to those in the computer notary fees.

Using the computer find the minimum fees on the notary grid.

Real estate value

Notary fee calculation formula

up to 15.000 lei

2.2%, but not less than 150 lei

between 15.001 lei – 30.000 lei

330 lei + 1,6% for the amount exceeding 15.001 lei

between 30.001 lei – 60.000 lei

580 lei + 1,3%for the amount exceeding 30.001 lei

between 60.001 lei – 300.000 lei

970 lei + 0,9% for the amount exceeding 60.001 lei

between 300.001 lei – 600.000 lei

3.130 lei + 0,65% for the amount exceeding 300.001 lei

more than 600.001 lei

5.080 lei + 0,44% for the amount exceeding 600.001 lei

Notary fees

Currently, notary fees are set by  Order of the Minister of Justice no. 46 / C dated 06.01.2011, with subsequent amendments and completions, published in the Official Gazette no. 133 / 22.02.2011.

By virtue of the fact that the notary public was invested with the exercise of state authority, he also received the obligation and responsibility to collect and pay certain taxes and duties for the state, amounts that are not related to the notary fee.

Thus, depending on the type of deed requested, the parties may pay, in addition to the notary fee and other amounts, which the notary only collects to transfer later to the beneficiaries, but which are also popularly and improperly called “notary fees”, namely:

  • the income tax from the transfer of the real estate properties from the personal patrimony, which, according to the provisions of art. 111 from Law no. 227/2015 on the Fiscal Code, as subsequently amended and supplemented, is due to the state by the natural person who transfers the right of ownership or its dismemberment over real estate (land and buildings);
  • the rate for real estate advertising services provided by  National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising (A.N.C.P.I.), established by Order of the Minister of Administration and Interior no. 39 / 06.04.2009, with subsequent amendments and completions, published in the Official Gazette no. 253 / 16.04.2009;
  • value added tax, in the amount of 19%, according to the provisions of art. 291 of Law no. 227/2015 on the Fiscal Code, with subsequent amendments and completions, which is added to the notary fee due;
  • the fees for the verifications and registrations performed in the Single Registers administered by the U.N.N.P.R., according to the provisions of the Civil Code;

The notarial opinion is a document usually requested by the banks before granting a loan for which a real estate is secured (apartment, land, house). The notary, as an expert in the legal field and property deeds, expresses his opinion on the validity of the deeds of the sellers or those requesting the loan and communicates to the bank whether or not to receive this good as collateral and what would be the proposed solution. in which there are problems.


Notary opinion mortgage loan

Before obtaining a mortgage loan, bank customers must ask a notary for an official opinion, drawn up according to the model agreed by the bank. The same opinion is required if you access a New Home loan.

The mortgage loan agreement (real estate mortgage) is a loan agreement under which a real estate guarantee is constituted in favor of the bank over a real estate of the debtor. The real estate mortgage loan agreement must be concluded at the notary in authentic form.

Notary fees for the sale of urban land

Notary fees for the sale of urban land do not have any special regime and can be calculated using the above computer. In some cases the value of the sale of an urban land may be below the notarial grid and then it cannot be taxed at this value. To know for sure that the value of the land falls within the notary grid, contact the notary beforehand.

Contract for sale and purchase of real estate, notary price

The contract of sale and purchase of real estate is the basis of the action by which one person (the seller) offers another (the buyer) a real estate, in exchange for a sum of money. Notary fees for real estate sales can be calculated using the above computer. You can see the documents required for the real estate sale contract at Notary  here.

Notary Fees for an apartment sale & Notary Fees for buying an apartment

Notary fees for apartment sales are: Notary Fee, ANCPI Tax and tax to the state when the value of the property exceeds 450,000 lei. To calculate the exact fees use the computer above.

Before signing a sale and purchase agreement, a pre-sale / purchase contract / sale promise can be signed, so that the two parties (seller and buyer) conclude a written promise to the notary regarding the future purchase process whose object is the property.

State tax: 3% what exceeds 450.000 lei

ANCPI-OCPI tabulation fee: 0,15% from the sale price.

* Calculation formulas for individuals.

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