Seller’s guide

Who is this guide recomended for? Buyer's guide is for homeowners who want to get the most out of their home. This guide helps property / landowners to better understand real estate and helps them take the necessary action in this regard.

This ebook is a Seller’s Guide. Going through it will help you reach your maximum sales potential.


•Preparing the property for a maximized first impression (repairs, cleaning, preparing the home for relocation, etc.).

• The documents you need to ask for when you want to sell a property

• Relevant information on the verification of documents

• What you need to pay attention to in order to complete the transaction in optimal conditions.

• Relevant property inspection information.


” The most important thing for us is to receive positive feedback and we wish our customers to be satisfied with the choice they made. As we are a real estate consulting company, we think it’s our responsibility to ‘ keep you up to date ‘ with various issues strictly related to this field, informations that can prove to be of real use in a future transaction “.


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