Energy certificate

Do you need an energy certificate right now? We are your solution!

We know how precious your time is and we know how important it is to make sure you have all the necessary documentation ready in time. Therefore, regardless of whether you need information, help or clarification related to energy auditing, you will always find good and transparent advice, verified information and authorized experts.

The energy certificate became mandatory in any act of sale, purchase or rental of a property. It is proof of the quality and efficiency of the building and is necessary for the registration of the fiscal role of a building or part of a building.

With the help of the energy performance certificate, the future owner or tenant finds out the amount of energy consumed per square meter in the respective building / building, thus being able to make estimates regarding future maintenance costs.

Therefore, if you want to sell or rent a property of any type, you need an energy certificate, without this document any real estate transaction will not be able to materialize.

52.500,00 €
30 m² 1 bed 1 bath
40.000,00 €
100 m² 3 beds 1 bath
200.000,00 €
500 m² 2 beds 0.5 baths
876.777,00 €
120 m² 4 beds 2 baths
350,00 €
80 m² 3 beds 1 bath
300,00 €
0.5 m² 3 beds 2 baths
300.000,00 €
1000 m² 3 beds 2 baths
120.000,00 €
1000 m² 3 beds 2 baths
120.000,00 €
1000 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
500,00 €
400 m² 6 beds 6 baths

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