Buyer benefits

Our services

If you intend to buy, sell or rent a property in the near future, do not hesitate to browse through the services offered by DistinctHome. You will more easily get an idea of ​​what this whole investment process entails and you will definitely know what steps you will have to follow. Once you benefit from our experience, you will save valuable time and especially considerable amounts of money. Our agents can tell you what has been sold and what is for sale now in the area you are looking for. Once the sale / purchase decision has been made, we can assist you in developing the marketing plan, implementing it, qualifying customers, negotiating in your interest, and trading the property.

Advantages for the seller

The evaluation of a property will be based on a case study that will reflect the potential price at that time in the market. By calling the property management you will eliminate the stress of not having paid your rent and / or utility bills on time and the property will be checked periodically for any non-payments or damages. We also deal with hotel property management services related to running a hotel business). We also take care of obtaining advantageous and fast loans for those who want to invest in real estate. Real estate and mortgage brokers can help you access the most advantageous insurance. Many clients need a cadastral evaluation or an energy certificate of the respective building and our agency can get involved in this aspect for an evaluation and a result as soon as possible. In order to be able to list your property at a better price, you may need a high quality video exposure (by making a 360 virtual tour), home staging services or the services of an interior designer. Many clients are also very interested in various construction works. Our construction team can handle impeccably either the renovation of a building or even its construction, without having to worry about frivolity or not finishing the works on time. Our specialists are waiting for you with solutions to any problem you may encounter and will deal professionally with all these services.

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